Converting reality into digital assets forms the basis of all our services. 3D scanning provides the building blocks onto which our interactive content is built.

It drives the technology in our AR applications, the accuracy in our surveys, and drives the photorealism in VFX.

High Fidelity Interior Reality Captures

Combining High accuracy LiDAR scanners in combination with ultra high resolution DSLR cameras to deliver only the best results. We are able to capture interior spaces in a fraction of a time than was previously possible.

Among others, we are able to provide the following data types:

POINTCLOUDS (.xyz .pts .e57 .rcap)
MESHES (.obj .stl .fbx)

Large Landscapes High Accuracy

What was once only possible via costly low flying helicopters and multiple operators can now be achieved with drones and a single operator in a short period of time. Large scale environments can be scanned by our drones and LiDAR equipment with remarkable accuracy, providing high quality data and compelling 3D content. We’ve developed a custom delivery methodology to allow for seamless compatibility, so the data can be used in any pipeline or software.

We only use the best equipment to achieve the best results

Our equipment travels all over the world with us, transported in hold luggage or freighted.

Leica P50

Leica's Flagship LiDAR scanner. Capable of ranges over 1.5 km and 1million points per second.




DJI Matrice 600

Multi camera / Device aerial lifting platform. Aerial lidar and geotagged 8k + RAW images for photogrammetry.




GEO Slam Zeb Horizon

Aerial LiDAR device. With a range of 100m and shooting over 300,000 points per second, the Geoslam combined with our M600 is capable of stripping away trees in the densest of jungle canopies.




DJI Inspire 2 

The Inspire 2 with the X7 camera offers unparalleled cinematic quality, reliability and performance. Shooting 6K RAW files and 21 mp images.

3DS Technology is used across a range of industries.

Film and TV

For use in Virtual environments, 3D tracking, set extension and much more.


High accuracy surveys for use in BIM. Pre and post planning and throughout contruction.

Virtual Reality – 360

Full 3D environments for use in VR and 360

Augmented Reality

3D data showed in AR on an ipad.