Christmas 2019 Ad | John Lewis & Partners

Aerial 3D scanning services for the VFX department.


Lost Cities with Albert Lin

3D Environment scanning services


The King's Man (2020)

Aerial 3D Environment scanning services Directed by: Mathew Vaughn VFX Supervisor: Angus Bickerton


Covering the aerial filming in various locations including; London, Manchester.


Capturing content for Vice documentary "On a Knife Edge"

Upcoming Projects

Here are some of the exciting projects which we have been working on… 

Disney’s Artemis Fowl (2020)

Watch the trailer for Disney’ Artemis Fowl featuring some of our aerial work.

HBO’s Watchmen (2019)

3D Environment scanning of interiors and exteriors for use in VFX and Virtual production.

We provided digital virtual sets for use in Unreal and Postproduction.

Sky’s BRITANNIA II (2019)

Aerial photogrammetry – 3D set scanning for VFX

HBO’s Avenue 5 (2019)

Aerial photogrammetry – 3D set scanning for VFX